AltVisions Festival 2020

3-5 September Stroom Gallery, The Hague

Amidst a global stage that thrives on the insecurity of the many, in order to support and enrich a few, we find ourselves constantly questioning the past to make sense of how we got here and how we can proceed towards a society based on mutual respect, solidarity and harmony with nature. The urgency for a new, different future to come is now felt across the world through the many uprisings and protests we are seeing unfolding within the last few years, demanding a new system, a new way of being together and a new way to live alongside the planet and other species. For this, new visions are required, new ideas of how to live with one another and the planet and an enactment of the egalitarian politics we want to see in our future.

With this in mind, we are organizing a three-day festival of ideas, humans and artworks where new perspectives and visions will be presented and discussed. With the goal of bringing together philosophers, policy-makers, academics and artists we wish to create a temporary platform of commoning and exchange for the many ideas looking towards a common, egalitarian and resilient future. Through our festival, together with our speakers and audiences we hope to formulate a consortium that will work to bring about some of the changes and visions discussed in the event.

The three-day event will host various panels and workshops on: 

The Commons 

First they stole our land, then they stole the world. This panel brings together farmers and housing activists to explore how the masses can take back control of their lives by removing land from market speculation.

Alternative Forms of Democracy 

From Extinction Rebellion to #BlackLivesMatter, people are losing faith in the democratic process. This panel explores ways that democracy can be reimagined, from citizens assemblies to citizens initiatives.


Equitable growth. Green growth. Many scholars and activists tell us that what is really required is de-growth. But is growth essential for human welfare? And what would de-growth look like in practice? This panel tackles these questions head on.

Reconciled to the Earth

Drawing on visions from beyond the West, philosophers have recently speculated that prioritising human thought and human rights may be at the root of our devastating social and economic practices. This panel explores ways of re-valorising the earth to the centre of ethical reflection.

New Ways of Art 

Politicians and policymakers increasingly recognise that logic on its own doesn’t persuade people to change. This panel looks into alternative, contemporary artistic practices that contribute to, influence and transform attitudes and activate audiences.

New Forms of Reciprocity

We are seeking to transition to a less growth-driven and more relational economy amidst increasing diversity. Old forms of reciprocity rooted in faith, flag or family may no longer suffice. What then are the technological, procedural and cultural ties that bind us?

We believe that art has the power to speak and shift attitudes, to present new waysof being together and to critically formulate a new future. Thus, acknowledging that formal speech and writing are not our only means of communication, the panels will be comprised of both speakers and artworks that in different ways surface new visions.